northern renaissance revival


"PaperCut” should not be confused with the intricate art of cutting paper using the Exacto knife and scissors. It is rather a concept and not the literal nomenclature of the word. The idea came to me when my son injured his finger with the edge of a paper. Not paying any attention he accidentally slides a paper through his finger. The proverbial "paper cut" a silent slicing of a person's skin against the paper edge. The invisible, quick, and acute cut take a millisecond to register inside the brain before the gnarly pain hits you.

With this comparison to my artwork, upon first glance, there will be a slight pause of bewilderment. Upon reviewing the context, it should cut an incision within your visual perception. "PaperCut” is a journey into the sublime, visceral, and ethereal consciousness.

I enjoy conjuring old classical subjects that often are forgotten in the modern world. My artwork explores traditional/classical themes with symbolic/esoteric association. Timeless concepts influenced by antiquity, mystical, biblical, fantasy, and mythical narratives within an allegorical interpretation. The principal influences I draw inspiration derives from the old masters of the Gothic, Northern/Southern Renaissance, and Baroque art periods. Art that intrigues and speaks to the audience without any need for explanation. I want to communicate to the viewer the forgotten themes and timeless classics still live on in this ever-changing world. Sometimes I wish that I can just paint like Rothko, it would save me a lot of time. However, Van Eyck and Dürer tell me to stay the course and move onwards.